Unitec custom designs and manufactures scales for weighing Off-Road trucks and heavy-capacity equipment that focus on the needs of the customer.

After careful review of the model of equipment to be weighed, considering the wheel base, width, front and rear axle loading and total capacity of the truck with overload factor, the scales are designed to specifically accommodate the extreme conditions encountered in the weighing of that equipment.

Because of the required width for some applications, Unitec manufactures Off-Road scales with two separate, side-by-side platforms. Then for transport, the scale can be disassembled and the platforms stacked, making a legal width load.

Typical applications for Off-Road scales would be quarries, large gravel pits, mines, large site development projects, contaminated soil removal or environmental cleanup projects. Some projects require an automated system to allow the trucks to operate continuously without a scalehouse attendant.

Unitec’s philosophy of building scales to last is carried through to the Off-Road Scales. These scales are built to withstand the most rugged applications, with years of reliable use. Your project must go on, and downtime is costly. Unitec Off-Road scales will see your project through.