Truck scales are often the cash register of your operation. That is why competent field service is integral to a properly functioning truck scale. Our rates may not be the lowest, but our expertise delivers peace of mind and minimal downtime, which is where the real value is realized. Try us, and Experience the Difference. You’ll be happy you did.

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  • Field Service Repair
    Unitec offers field service, repair and calibration of heavy industrial scales and scale systems in Washington and Oregon, as well as partner services through much of the Northwest and Northern California.
  • Installation & Calibration
    Unitec performs a number of installation services including installation and service of Unitec scales, other manufacture's scales, relocation of existing scales, conversion of mechanical scales to electronic, and much more.
  • Scheduled Emergency Service
    Equipment Maintenance is a determining factor in buying and maintaining a truck scale.
  • Systems Integration
    For every truck scale installation there are a number of items that could potentially be installed to automate and manage both the weighing and data management processes.