Unitec equipment is built to last, designed and manufactured to work, for a long time, under heavy-duty operating conditions. That is why many of our customers say you need to Experience the Difference.

  • Truck Scales
    Truck scales are the cash register of many business. So our customers demand a quality truck scale, as they would from any equipment integral to their business. From design and manufacture to installation and for the service life of the equipment, our scales offer consistent operating results.
  • Rail Scales
    From truck to ship to rail car, products that get shipped get weighed. Whether trans-loading from or to rail cars, loading into rail cars for bulk rail shipment, or check-weighing rail cars in your yard, Unitec offers the railway weighing solution that fits your need.
  • Used & Rental
    Unitec maintains an inventory of newer and older truck scales for rent or for sale. We rent out scales for gravel pit operations, road construction, logging, chipping, asphalt, crushing, recycling, hauling material into a site, out of a site, or both. A contractor may need a scale for 1-2 months, and a pit operator may need a scale for 6-12 months. We also rent floor scales for anywhere from a couple days to several weeks.
  • Software
    The commercial truck scale business is fast becoming a specialized industry, and high tech weighing solutions, automated systems and integrated solutions from Unitec are leading the way.
  • Truck Wheel Wash
    Our Wheel Wash system directs wash water to outside and inside of front and back tires as well as the underside of the chassis, ensuring your vehicle's wheel and chassis are clean every time they leave the site.