Installation & Calibration


Unitec has the skills to install any make, model, or capacity of electronic and mechanical scales. We specialize in truck scale installations and will customize the install to meet your specific needs.

After any installation, we calibrate the scale using NIST certified weights and place the equipment into service.

Think of Unitec as your turn-key solution to scale installation.


Unitec offers Service Agreement packages for scheduled, routine preventative maintenance and regular calibration of your scales. Most legal for trade scales are calibrated a minimum of twice per year with an increase in frequency depending on scale traffic, site conditions and other external factors. These might include site specific requirements or certification requirements for your plant or industry.

  • Unitec scale installation
  • Service & calibration of any type of scale
  • Relocation of existing scales
  • Retrofit of new scale into old scale pit
  • Conversion of mechanical scale to electronic scale
  • Scale management system included with new Unitec scale, or additional to an existing scale
  • We recommend routine preventative maintenance & calibration with scheduled service agreement