Low Profile Above Ground


  • Scoreboard

    Remote display shows the weight on the scale, visible to 150-200’ from display. It is also available with a built in red/green light.

  • Load Cell Suspension

    Outboard, elevated, fixed mounted load cell keeps load cells out from under the scale, away from debris build up and freezing. Fixed load cell with long single link minimizes impact to load cell from scale movement due to normal truck starts and stops. The location of our load cells makes for easy maintenance when needed.

  • The Deck

    Concrete Deck: 8” thick concrete deck, poured between cross members for a strong, durable design.
    Steel Deck: 3/8” diamond plate deck with wheel supports makes for more durable steel deck scale.

  • Corner Guide Pipes

    These 6” schedule 40 steel pipes filled with concrete keep trucks from driving up on the curb and harming the scale, also serve as goal posts.

  • Integrated Side Rails

    Side rails are integral to scale structure, not an add-on item, keep trucks on the scale. This is the most robust side rail design on the market

  • Unattended Kiosk

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  • Wheel Guard

    The wheel guard keeps truck tires away from side rails, protects tires.

  • Approach Curb Trim

    Formed diamond plate protects concrete curb and truck tires from damage due to truck impact.

This is the design that really succeeded the mechanical pit lever scale. The original side rail design has been perfected through the years into what has been scientifically proven to be the most durable truck scale we can find (one of our earlier, less durable, designs has seen over 4 million trucks come across it, often seeing 1500-1600 loads per day). Another customer has been seeing 3,000 loads in a day come across their scale.

A number of features make this NTEP approved scale attractive to companies that buy and sell by weight. The low profile of 12″ from the deck to the top of the pier minimizes ramping. The pier design of the foundation minimizes concrete work. The integrated side rails keep trucks on the scale, and don’t give if they are hit. The external load cell mounting system absorbs all reasonable shock load (those drivers that come flying onto the scale at 30 MPH and slam on their brakes won’t hurt the scale) and is efficient to service. The bumper bolt system keeps scale movement to a minimum.

Unitec Low Profile scales feature an external load cell mounting system that absorbs more impact than any other design. Designed for non-proprietary, industry standard load cells and electronic components, this scale is the easiest design in the industry to maintain.

Unitec Low Profile Truck Scales operate in Sand & Gravel, Solid Waste, Forest Products, Highway Construction, Recycling, Environmental Clean-Up, Port Facilities and more on a daily basis.

  • Features
Approach Curb Trim

Approach Curb Trim helps guide trucks onto the scale while minimizing damage to the truck scale and the foundation

The Unitec Approach Curb Trim is specifically designed for Unitec Low Profile Truck Scale installations. It is a diamond plate facing that attaches to the front side of the approach curb, that serves to both guide the truck onto the truck scale and to minimize damage to truck tires, the scale and the scale foundation when the truck is slightly off course (yes, it happens).

Approach Curb Trim is a standard option available with Unitec Low Profile Truck Scales.

Outboard Suspension

Outboard suspension (LP model) – load cells mount outside of the main beams of the scale, making them more accessible for service, also fixed mounted so the load cell doesn’t move as the scale moves. Load cells are out from under the scale so mud & debris doesn’t build up around the load cell in an area under the scale that requires regular cleaning. Long suspension link minimizes impact on load cell from normal scale movement and truck stops/starts.

Bumper Bolts

While the scale needs to move freely, adjustable bumper bolts minimize scale movement. They are adjustable as the scale will expand and contract seasonally.

Extendedn Height Load Cell Stands

Extended Height Load Cell stands – load cell stands are offered in two sizes, where the standard size allows for 4” of clearance under the scale and the extended height allows for 8” of clearance under the scale. The added clearance is helpful for cleanout under the scale, especially in gravel operations and others where truck tires collect mud, dirt, gravel and debris.

Lightning Protection

Lightning protection is offered for the scale (ground rod) and also as an option in the load cells, where lightning protection is built into the load cell. This has proven to be effective in areas where lightning is prevalent.

Surge Voltage Protection

A voltage regulator is offered for the scale indicator to plug into. This minimizes impact to the indicator from power spikes and drops.