Unattended Truck Scale Systems

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As businesses become more vertically integrated, as contracts demand more of your personnel and trucks, and as you look for ways to increase profitability, look at the benefits of converting to an Unattended Truck Scale System.

Automation Systems are being implemented in many core economy industries. Unitec Unattended Truck Scale Systems offer a low cost solution that delivers immediate benefits of efficiency, productivity and profitability. Whether you want to maximize usage of your facility around the clock, operate a remote site with minimal overhead or maximize your current staffing resources, unattended truck scales deliver real, immediate benefits.Unitec Unattended Systems interface with most truck-weighing software programs. Our system is typically initiated by reading a card. It then walks the driver through the weighing process, offering a pre-defined sequence of information. A keypad is used to input product, job, customer or other information. A receipt is printed to complete the transaction.

An unattended system is not for everyone. Potential needs arise when:

Your ready mix operations need material, but can only take it at night.
Your drivers haul before and after hours, and you can’t justify hiring another person to monitor the scale.
Your operation works 24 hrs/day, 7 days/week.
You have a consistent group of trucks hauling for you, and need to keep them running as efficiently as possible.
All systems are weatherproof and operate with authorized card access. Other equipment such as signal lights, remote display, intercoms are available. Talk with us about ways to automate your weighing process.

Common Unattended Control Units:

  • Inbound Outbound
  • Prompting Display
  • Card Reader
  • Keypad (optional)
  • Ticket Printer
  • Truck sensors