Unitec’s Scale Management and Control Software, ScaleQ from ILS, provides the ease of use, reliability and advanced features that clients have enjoyed since 1986. ScaleQ ensures accuracy, reliability and a range of capabilities and features unparalleled in the Weights and Measures industry. Operating under Microsoft Windows, the intuitive, simple-to-use interface supports efficient high-volume weighing and ticketing at the busiest scale house.

Our Scale Management Software can be found in applications as diverse as Aggregates Quarries, Coal Mining and Processing and Solid Waste Landfills & Transfer Stations among others. The SQL-based ScaleQ database will be customized to meet the unique requirements of each client. ILS Software products are designed to provide customized applications using standard programs to provide you with the tools you need for productivity and profitability without sacrificing the stability of a field-proven system.

Standard features include:

  • QRep, our sophisticated Reporting Program that allows you to design and print multiple reports, either individually or in batches
  • Data export in multiple formats, including e-mail, html and text files
  • Support of both attended and unattended weighing (with optional hardware) simultaneously on one or more scales.
  • Reporting capabilities
  • Remote administrative capabilities