Solid Waste Recycling


Recently, one of our Solid Waste customers reconfigured their recycling facility to increase throughput, and maximize the use of their truck scale for all vehicles.

In particular they needed to allow for automated, unattended weight processing of their collection trucks, since each truck brought in multiple commodities and needed individual weights on each commodity as well as overall vehicle weights. Additionally, because they were using their existing accounting system to operate the facility, the scale system needed to interface with that accounting system.

Scale Solution:

Unitec was involved at the design stage of this project, and the Low Profile Above Ground scale was selected as the ideal truck scale solution. This customer already used custom Unitec Low Profile Axle scales in the trailer bays of their transfer station, and wanted to maintain equipment consistency, as well as benefit from the ease of use and low-cost maintenance of Unitec Low Profile scales. Key factors in this decision were the outboard load cell mounting system (load cells accessible, away from debris buildup under scale), the ability to keep scale clean without damaging load cells, the integral side rails to keep trucks on scale. This customer went with a concrete deck design because of its durability over the life of the scale as well as its ability to handle the truck traffic in a busy solid waste facility.

System Solution

The Unitec/ILS ScaleQ scale management software application was chosen for this facility. Key factors in the decision included its ability to quickly process unattended weight transactions, the ability to accommodate multiple net weights–individual product weights on each truck, and the ability to interface the scale transactions with an existing accounting system. Customer weighed collection vehicles by multiple weights inbound, with the assistance of traffic control hardware, and transfer trailers outbound.

Unitec provided initial consultation on scale and scale system, shop configuration and component assembly of system, installation and Systems Integration of all components of scale system. This allowed customer to use Unitec as its primary point of contact for all items related to the scale system–maximizing efficiency throughout the process, with peace of mind for the customer.