Rock Quarry Weighing System


Our customer was opening a new rock quarry, had gone through extensive permitting process, and needed a truck scale system in place as soon after permits approved as possible. Scale would be an attended truck scale, with the use of a scale management application to manage the scale transactions, capture and store signatures of truck drivers, and administrate scale data from remote office location. Truck scale was located away from internet access, so remote support was limited to phone support — thus, scale application needed to be user-friendly and intuitive.

Scale Solution:

Unitec was involved in the process at the outset of the permit process, to ensure a streamlined consultation/selection/acquisition/installation/startup process. Unitec’s Low Profile Above Ground concrete deck design was chosen as the optimal scale for this application. The outboard load cell suspension design on the Low Profile Above Ground scale was recognized as the solution of choice because it kept the load cells up and away from natural mud & debris buildup that occurs in truck scales, along with its ability to handle shock loading caused by natural truck stops and starts, not to mention aggressive drivers. The concrete deck design was chosen for its durability over the life of the scale, as well as the dead load of the concrete deck scale, minimizing scale movement caused by normal truck traffic.

System Solution:

The Unitec/ILS ScaleQ software application was chosen for this facility. The remote location of this facility required that the scale attendant be somewhat self-sufficient, able to be quickly trained in the use of the scale management application, as well as needing to be able to figure certain things out without online assistance. The remote office location needed access to the scale data information, so scale data needed to be easily saved and transferred to the Office Administration application in the main office for billing and reporting. For security and backup, a digital signature capture was added to this system, where the truck driver signs on a digital signature pad, the system captures and stores that signature with that scale ticket, allowing customer to recall the ticket with the signature and time/date of transaction in case of dispute.

Unitec provided initial consultation, scale installation, software consultation and Systems Integration.