Industry Solutions

Aggregates, Solid Waste, Forest Products, Port Facilities – Unitec weighing solutions deliver performance and value across the board. See what some folks are doing in these industries, and Experience the Difference.

  • Coal Fired Power Plant
    Unitec builds an automated, unattended integrated weighing system, enabling a newly built coal fired power plant to maximize weighing of inbound coal.
  • Rock Quarry Weighing System
    Unitec works closely with the aggregated industry to ensure a streamlined consultation, selection, acquisition, and installation process. In this case, our Low Profile Above Ground scale proves to be an optimal solution for this rock quarry's weighing needs.
  • Solid Waste Recycling
    The Solid Waste industry often needs individual weights on multiple commodities as well as overall vehicle weights. In this case study, Unitec builds an integrated system that not only meets the individual weighing needs of the customer, but seamlessly integrates with their existing accounting system as well.