Installation & Calibration

New Scale Installation:

The process of installing a Unitec truck scale is pretty straight-forward. It begins with selecting the scale design that is best for your application — above ground scale or pit scale and size of scale. Once scale model is determined, the foundation for the scale must be built — this involves either having Unitec build the foundation, customer building it or sub-contracting the foundation construction. It is important to note that a scale foundation design allows for a minimal amount of flexibility in foundation dimensions, so accuracy in height, plumb walls and square pit are critical components in ensuring long-term accuracy and reliability in your scale.

A typical above ground scale foundation can be constructed in 5-8 days, depending on access to construction site, soil conditions and amount of prep work to be done (excavation, backfill, cutting asphalt/concrete, piling, etc.). A typical pit scale foundation construction process would be closer to 2-3 weeks, not including concrete cure time. Once the scale footings are poured and cured for a couple days, the scale can be delivered and set on the footings (either on 4″x4″ blocks, or on load cell stands — typically customer will receive scale, set on blocks and pour deck, Unitec installation crew will come on site after deck is cured), and the forming for the deck can begin (for a concrete deck design; steel deck designs can set on the foundation, and once approaches are complete and cured, can use the scale). Once deck is poured, full cure is 28 days — this can be accelerated, according to the customer’s schedule, and concrete is often ready for use within 2 weeks. Once concrete is cured, it is ready for calibration, and ready for use.

When installation crew arrives on site, concrete deck needs to be cured and ready for traffic. Installation technicians will set load cell suspension components in place, align and level the scale, install load cells, then wire the scale and begin configuration process, section testing and calibration procedures. If peripheral equipment, such as remote displays or unattended scale hardware, are included, they would be installed at this time. Typical scale installation would take 3-4 days for an above ground scale, additional for a pit scale.

Scale management software systems are also installed after scale is installed, wired and calibrated (or simultaneous to scale installation). This allows for proper system testing, with known, accurate Weights. The addition of scale management software typically adds 1-2 days of additional installation time (with most system configuration performed in our shop prior to coming on site), additional if remote office software, extensive unattended system hardware or additional training is included.

Once calibration is completed and scale is placed in service, Unitec files appropriate documentation with State Weights and Measures, notifying that a new scale has been placed in service.

Installation Services include:

  • Unitec scale installation
  • Installation of other manufacturers scales
  • Relocation of existing scales
  • Retrofit of new scale into old scale pit
  • Conversion of mechanical scale to electronic scale
  • Scale management system included with new Unitec scale, or additional to an existing scale