Truck Wheel Wash

The Unitec Wheel Wash System consists of a 10′ wide by 20′ long structural steel platform supported by customer supplied concrete footings. Spray headers are located near the deck surface with spray nozzles (60) oriented to direct wash water to outside and inside of front and back tires as well as the underside of the chassis.

Water is pumped through the system by a 100PSI at 300 GPM 25 HP end suction centrifugal pump with a 3500 RPM TEFC Motor.

Spray is delivered through 60 V jet flat spray nozzles made of glass-reinforced engineering grade polypropylene, with a locking design for quick tip changing without tools.

The system is activated by photo sensors that turn the pump on, and open 3- way pneumatically operated valve to supply header (10 minute minimum run timer). A second photo sensor closes the 3 way valve.

Options include:

  • Reservoir under wheel wash platform with system to recycle wash water
  • Straining or filtration system
  • Manual pressure wash station

Customers to provide:

  • 300 GPM of clean water to supply pump
  • Foundation for wheel wash platform
  • Piping from pump to platform
  • Re-circulation piping from 3-way valve back to supply tank
  • Electrical wiring for pump motor, control calve and photo sensors
  • Foundation for pump or pump house
  • 60 PSI air supply