Truck Scales

Low Profile Above Ground

Unitec Low Profile Above Ground Truck Scales offer structural integrity, reliable performance and proven durability. A number of features make this NTEP approved scale attractive to companies that buy and sell by weight.


Unitec continues its tradition of innovation and premier truck scale design with the Portable Low Profile model. A direct response to specific customer demand, this highly portable truck scale leaves one impression: quality.

Shallow Pit

The Shallow Pit scale is designed for applications where yard space is at a premium, and the scale needs to be completely below ground.


Unitec custom designs and manufactures scales for weighing Off-Road trucks and heavy-capacity equipment that focus on the needs of the customer.

Axle Scales

The most important consideration in choosing a truck scale for a Transfer Station chute is the ruggedness of the design–the weighbridge as well as the load cell suspension. Because of this, Unitec’s Trailer Bay Chute scale is the ideal solution.

Attached Walkway

Unitec now builds and installs custom 24″ wide walkways tailored to your installation.

Lumber Bundle Scale

The Lumber Bundle scale is specifically designed for forklift loading of lumber bundles onto truck or railcar.

Approach Curb Trim

Approach Curb Trim helps guide trucks onto the scale while minimizing damage to the truck scale and the foundation.