New: The Trailer Bay Chute Scale

The most important consideration in choosing a truck scale for a Transfer Station chute is the ruggedness of the design–the weighbridge as well as the load cell suspension.

As the trailer is top loaded, the force from material being dropped into the trailer, along with the action of the knuckle boom compacting the garbage, causes extreme impact loading to the scale. Thus, the scale must be designed to withstand this continual abuse and perform well under it. This is why most chute scales are either removed or not in use, because they are not designed to perform under the extreme operating conditions in a garbage tunnel. Unitec axle scales are designed for this type of operation.

In addition, Unitec load cells are mounted about 12″ above the scale footing, keeping the electronic weighing components out from under the scale and away from the mud and debris that naturally accumulates under the scale. This also eliminates the issues that arise when that mud and debris freeze in the winter, and take the scale completely out of commission.

Both the Unitec Low Profile Above Ground and Shallow Pit scales are suitable in a Transfer Station tunnel application. The Low Profile Above Ground scale is easier to clean out and maintain because the scale is completely above ground and the load cells and suspension are externally accessible. Unitec also offers a center cleanout hatch, which is a full-length hatch down the middle of the scale that can be lifted for easier cleanout under the scale. This eliminates the need to remove the scales for cleanout, saving on maintenance expense and limiting downtime.

Unitec has many axle scales in successful operation, and this proven track record has encouraged many engineering firms to spec Unitec scales in the design of transfer stations. These scales can also be custom fit into existing trailer bays, either replacing existing scales or going into chutes that previously did not have scales.