About Us

Unitec, builder of quality truck scales. Unitec manufactures, distributes and services heavy industrial truck scales. We are dedicated to building a quality truck scale; durable equipment that is easy to maintain. We believe that the combination of intelligent design and manufacture brings to market the truck scale with the lowest total cost of ownership (a customer with one of our original designs has weighed over 4 million loads – heavy use). We are familiar with all types of industrial weighing equipment from a design and service standpoint, and often consult on the design and implementation of weighing systems, site design and process design.

We understand the operational needs of a wide variety of industries, including Sand & Gravel, Solid Waste, Forest Products, Heavy and Road Construction and more. We offer truck scales, software systems, unattended systems, load-out systems and full service in Washington and Oregon. Some of the facilities we have customers in are gravel pits, asphalt plants, heavy construction, sawmills, pulp & paper mills, transfer stations, recycling and more.